Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dr. Fuhrman Questions Recent Findings on Omega-3

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, on his blog DiseaseProof,  responds to the recent research findings in Journal of the National Cancer Institute that suggests that omega-e fatty acids might contribute to prostate cancer.    Dr. Fuhrman raises several questions about the study's methodology, and points out that the study does not distinguish between the various sources of Omega-3.  He states that fish oil might not be the best source of Omega-3.  Most significantly, Dr. Fuhrman points to the inconsistent findings of several studies on the relationship between Omega-3 blood levels and prostate cancer.  He concludes:

"Of course, too much of any potentially good thing turns it bad.  For any needed nutrient, especially fat soluble nutrients, too much can be problematic.  Since all fish oil capsules give a pretty high dose of EPA and DHA, and most of them are rancid too, they could be part of the problem. Plus, fish is an unfavorable omega-3 source, since animal protein and environmental contaminants are packaged with the DHA and EPA.   I advise most people take a low dose of algae-derived EPA-DHA, or follow your omega-3 levels episodically to assure no deficiency exists.  Maintaining adequate, but not excessively high DHA and EPA levels is the safest and most conservative and responsible strategy." 

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Recent study implicates omega-3 fatty acids in prostate cancer - Is this reliable information?

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