Thursday, July 18, 2013

How Important Is Sleeping the Night Before a Race?

How Important Is Sleeping the Night Before a Race?  I have often wondered about this.  I do not race, but often the night before an event, such as an organized century ride, I may not be able to sleep that well.   This may be the result of nervous anticipation, or a poorly ventilated motel room, or whatever.  I guess I needn't worry.  According to this article on

"THE BOTTOM LINE: As long as you’re not chronically sleep deprived, getting less sleep than usual the night before a race doesn’t seem to have any significant consequences on performance.  Not sleeping at all, however, may impair your body’s ability to optimally fuel your muscles on race day. The two-nights rule stands, as long as two nights before your event is one of many nights during which you got enough sleep."   

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