Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The China Study update

If you will click on this link attached to this post, you will see a mindmap of Dr. Colin Campbell's latest presentation on The China Study at a McDougall Advanced Study Weekend.   T. Colin Campbell is one of the leading nutrition researchers in the country.  He began his career trying to prove the health benefits of animal protein on human health.  His research, and that of many others, led him to take a complete about face.  Not only did he show that animal protein was not healthy, he was able to demonstrate that it was responsible for much  of the chronic disease in the world.
His research findings were considered heretical.   In this presentation he outlines the key nutrition principles his research has identified, and he makes a strong case that nutrition research and nutrition education should be a high national priority.  The health of the nation would take a gigantic turn for the better if more people would adopt a whole foods plant-based diet, similar to the diet followed by millions of people around the world who have much lower incidences of chronic disease than Americans.


witchdr said...

Your blog and training posts seem to have fallen by the wayside. I have enjoyed following along the past year or so. When can we expect some updates? Hope all is well.

Howard Veit said...


Thanks for the comment. I have been a bit lazy recently, but I am planning several posts over the next few weeks.

kneecap said...

that's a cool graphic from campbell!

Howard Veit said...


Nice to hear from you. The graphic is mine. I summarized Dr. Campbell's update using a mind mapping program...MindManager. You can find the software at www.mindjet.com.