Monday, January 5, 2009

My future Vitamix

I broke down and ordered a Vitamix 5200 Super today. Will cost about $570 with tax. I get a shipping discount by ordering through Dr. Fuhrman's website.

I thought I could get by with my Oster blender, which is fairly high powered. But, my adventure with the Fuhrman Anti-Cancer Soup today convinced me that the Vitamix was essential. The soup requires blending the vegetables. I put whole onions, whole zucchinis, and leeks in the pot with liquid and beans, plus other ingredients. Once the vegetables are soft, I take them out of the soup and blend them together and then put back in the soup pot to make the soup rich and creamy. I also added 1 cup of raw cashews to the blender to make the soup even creamier.

This exercise almost did my blender in. The motor was really straining. Also, the blender jar is much smaller than the one that comes with the Vitamix. The Oster jar had a hard time handling the bulky vegetables. I had to repeat the blending 4 times to get everything blended properly. With the Vitamix, two blends will do the trick, I think. The Vitamix will arrive in a week and I will post my intitial impressions.

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