Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things Healthcare Consumers Need to Know

Recently, I have been reading some excellent books on the health system.  This presentation summarizes my thoughts drawn from my experience as a health facility administrator and consultant, plus many books about how we should be using the health system.  In the modern era of corporate medicine, and health industry marketing,  it is important to be a wise and well-informed health consumer.  My presentation is designed to help navigate the hazardous waters of today's medical care system.

I drew heavily from the excellent book Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now by Steven Z. Kussin, M.D. 

You can view my presentation HERE.


kneecap said...

do I have to sign up to prezi to view this?

Howard Veit said...

Barb, You should be able to view the presentation by simply clicking on the link I provided. It takes a few seconds to load, but it should be there. If not, let me know. It works for me.