Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dr. Fuhrman on Mammograms

Coincidentally, a couple of days after I posted my thoughts about prostate cancer, Dr. Fuhrman sent an email, which I am including here verbatim, about breast cancer and Mammograms.

Dr. Fuhrman delivers the FACTS on breast cancer

Protection is Better than Detection
You can protect yourself so that you don't detect anything!
What you should know:

1. Cruciferous vegetables powerfully prevent breast cancer.
2. Vitamin D powerfully protects against breast cancer.
3. Mammograms cause some breast cancers, reduce deaths by almost the same number of deaths they cause and overall do very little to extend lives.

A new study reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports that women who are at high risk of breast cancer who are advised to start getting mammograms as early as age 30, are at even higher risk for breast cancer from the additional radiation exposure. They reported that due to the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer, mammographic screening may have a net harmful effect.

Read the full article by Dr. Fuhrman with research findings

Be proactive and adjust your diet and lifestyle to achieve a high level of health, so that any abnormal cells never can overcome your body's powerful immune defenses. Early, pre-cancerous changes in the breast can be normalized by nutritional excellence. Women can prevent breast cancer! Even if they have cancer they can significantly increase their survival with nutritional excellence.
Read Eat For Health, to understand nutritional excellence; spread the word and help change and start protecting yourself today.


kneecap said...

Amazing! Well, I knew mammograms were useless but this confirms it.

I think these posts you are writing about health could start changing people's minds. I should write more about this too but I don't have enough time in the day. So I'm glad you are doing it.


Howard Veit said...

I am retired, so I can spend more time on this stuff. I am really fascinated by the whole topic. I spent my entire career in healthcare, but this stuff is all new...nutrition, especially. I am also intrigued to learn that my promotion of early detection, an an HMO manager, was probably misguided. So to be learning all this stuff after I'm retired.

kneecap said...

Well, maybe you'll do more for healthcare on your blog than you did as a professional. :)


Anonymous said...

What about digital mammograms? There's no radiation involved.....