Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pulse Pressure

I had to go into an Urgent Care Center today because I was having some urinary tract symptoms that seemed like a UTI. I have never had this, but am aware of the symptoms -- frequent urination, urgent urination, a little bit of pain when urinating. I have otherwise felt good, and thus have delayed going to the doctor. Today, however, my wife urged me to go to the doctor. I am in Sarasota and have no family doctor here. I don't have one in Atlanta either and rely on advice mostly from Drs. Fuhrman and McDougall. Before visiting the physician I sent a post to Dr. Fuhrman on the Ask the Doctor Forum and he suggested having my urine checked. So I went to a clinic that was open on Sunday and the bottom line is I have a UTI. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic, which I started taking today.

But, the real reason for this post is my blood pressure. I haven't thought about it for over a year. After being ushered into the exam room at the clinic the nurse took my BP and announced that it was 110/80. I was happy with that but started to think about the concept of 'pulse pressure', which Dr. Fuhrman has written about. Pulse pressure is systolic pressure - diastolic pressure. Mine is 30. I couldn't remember whether that is good or bad. Here is Dr. Fuhrman's comment about pulse pressure in his July 2008 newsletter:

I guess 30 is good and provides me with some good news after having to deal with the news of the UTI. I have to admit that getting good health numbers like this is a major positive reinforcement for continuing to follow a very healthy lifestyle. It sometimes can be troubling to appear to others to be quirky and compulsive about eating and exercise. I guess I am both of those things. But when the nuttiness pays off in small ways like a healthy pulse pressure, it makes it all worthwhile.


kneecap said...

so you went with the antibiotics after all? Hopefully you will have a speedy recovery! Any idea what caused the UTI?

Howard Veit said...


Yeh, I broke down and went with the antibiotics. Dr. Fuhrman said to try Cranberry tablets plus D Mannoss, but by the time I had received his response, I had started the antibiotics. So, I decided to stay with them and add the Cranberry and D Mannoss to give the infection a triple whammy. I also added some Probiotics. If I had caught this infection earlier, I would have started with more conservative treatment, as Joel suggested, but I have a fairly bad case so i decided to go all out. Don't know how I picked it up. The first one I have ever had. I feel better tonight, am on a business trip. For several days I was miserable.