Sunday, March 14, 2010

Processed People, The Documentary Film on DVD

Today I received the Documentary, Processed People. It features Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, John Robbins, Jeff Novick, Jeffrey Masson, Dr. Pamela Popper, Dr. Milton Mills, and Dr. Jay Gorden giving perhaps the most powerful joint message about whole foods plant based nutrition that I have ever heard. This documentary is very well done and I highly recommend it to all of you. You can order it from here.

I watched the DVD before dinner. After dinner I asked my 22 year old son and my wife to watch it with me. After watching this documentary we had a long discussion. Having these experts on together giving essentially the same message in such an effective way is very powerful.

I am leading a series of seminars and now plan to use the DVD during the introductory session. It is really good.

I have been hoping that we could go beyond each person (Fuhrman, McDougall, etc.) promoting their individual approaches to whole foods plant based nutrition to national efforts where they work together. Processed People is, to my knowledge, the first such effort. In this DVD we are also introduced to Pam PopperJay Gorden, Milton Mills (don't think he has a website, but is associated with PCRM) and Jeffrey Masson, advocates that many of us have not heard of before. Dr. Gorden is really good.

It is great to see the group of advocates growing. I just completed the Cornell certificate in plant based nutrition program. Dr. Popper was one of the faculty members. She is terrific. Dr. Fuhrman's participation and his extended interview is also terrific.

By the way, in addition to the 45 minutes documentary, there is the added bonus of extended interviews (over 2 hours worth) with each of the participants. These are well worth listening too. For one thing, it emphasizes the fact that these folks agree on most of the important issues.

Are we seeing the development of a national mainstream movement? I hope so.

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