Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maiden voyage with the Vitamix

My new Vitamix arrived today and I put it through its paces. It's a beautiful machine and looks very nice in the kitchen. I debated for a while before ordering the Vitamix because I thought that my current Oster blender is fairly powerful and seemed adequate. After preparing the Furman Anti-Cancer Soup, it was obvious to me that there were several deficiencies in the standard blender. The deficiencies include a blender jar that is too small, and a motor that is a little too weak to adequately blend multiple cruciferous vegetables.

The first task for the Vitamix was relatively easy. For breakfast, I prepared one of my Blue Smoothies. I decided to just put all of the ingredients in a blender all at once, rather than blending sections of this smoothie at a time. Previously, I would blend of fruit first and then add the green leafy vegetables and then blend those in with the fruit and then add the dates and ice cubes. For this smoothie, I put in everything at once, the frozen blueberries (1 cup), one quarter cantaloupe, a medium banana, 1 mL of DHA Purity, 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds, and 5 ounces of organic baby spinach. I also added three dates and three ice cubes. I set the Vitamix on high, turned it on, had to tamp the mixture into the blades a little bit, and everything mixed up just fine. In previous smoothies, most of the time I have had to add some liquid like a juice or some soy milk or almond milk in order for the ingredients to mix properly to a smooth and creamy consistency. In the Vitamix, no added liquid was necessary. The blending is so effective that it uses the moisture from the ingredients very well. The smoothie was smooth and creamy and the harder ingredients, like the dates were very well blended. There were no date chunks. It also seemed to me that the smoothie was a bit more "liquid" than with the previous blender.

So the Vitamix's maiden voyage was successful. I am sure I am going to have many years of fun with my culinary creations in the Vitamix.

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kneecap said...

I have a vitamix and I agree, it is outstanding.