Friday, February 26, 2010

Athletes on a Plant-Based Diet

This link is to the T. Colin Campbell website where some athletes on a whole foods plant-based diet give testimonials on how their eating style has contributed to their athletic performance and their lives.  The athletes pictured here from top to bottom are:

  • Kate Pallardy:Up-and-coming triathlete and ultra distance runner.
  • Mike Arnstein:Marathon champion and eight-time Ironman finisher. 
  • Ruth Heidrich:Six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, holder of more than 900 gold medals from every distance from 100 meter dashes to 5K road races to ultra marathons and triathlons. 
  • Tony Gonzalez: NFL tight end for the Atlanta Falcons and formerly the Kansas City Chiefs.

These athletes are true pioneers in athletic nutrition.  Interviews with each are included with their profiles at the above link, which is the T. Colin Campbell website.

I will have more to say on this later.

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