Wednesday, January 7, 2009

High Nutrition Food Diary - January 7, 2009

Green Smoothie
1 large slice of fresh pineapple
1/2 banana
1 small orange
1/2 cup of organic almond milk
1 ml DHA Purity
1 TSP ground flax seeds
5 oz. organic baby spinach

Blend all ingredients in a high power blender until smooth and creamy. The pineapple really makes this one taste good.

Large mixed green salad with
4 olives, 1/2 cup of ww pasta, almond blueberry dressing
1/2 ww pita pocket with left over bean burger, sliced onion, a little almond bluebery dressing, sliced tomato and a few salad greens
I probably overate, but it was delicious.

Dr. Fuhrman's anti-cancer soup
baked ww pita chips with almond blueberry dip
Pellegrino water with pomegranite juice
trail mix

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