Sunday, January 25, 2009

Workout 13 - Trike Training- 41 miles

Today was an absolutely gorgous day. I did a 41 mile ride from my home on Longboat Key to the end of Anna Maria Island and back. The traffic was heavy near Bradenton and Anna Maria beaches, but there is a bike lane along the road that made the ride okay, even with the traffic. The bike lane is not well maintained in some parts of Bradenton, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria and I had to dodge glass in several places. I stopped for a rest at the 17 mile point on Anna Maria Island and then rode nonstop the rest of the way home. Great ride.


kneecap said...

meanwhile it was -4 F here. interesting bike!

Howard Veit said...

I have been riding recumbents since 2001. I tried a trike three years ago and really liked it. Not as fast as a two wheeler, but fast enough for me and more comfortable over long distances. My trike is low to the ground and I have to be sure I am visible with flashing lights and flags. For more information on recumbents see

Given the ice and snow where you live a three wheeler might be the way to go. My accident where I broke my hip was on a two wheel recumbent.

kneecap said...

good point about using a trike ice and snow. hmmm.