Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High Nutrition Diary


Supplements: GentleCare Multivitamin(2), OsteoSun (vitamin D) (4, 2 at lunch), LDL Support (2), Saw Palmetto (2)

Green and Leafy Oatmeal 688.6
I ate the oatmeal without added trail mix this morning.


Sweet Tomatoes Salad 1 full recipe 293.0


Raw Trail Mix 35 g 173.6
Bananas, raw 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long) 105.0
Dates, deglet noor 4 date, pitted 80.1


Homemade Lentil and Rice Soup 495.5
Nuts, almonds 0.5 oz (23 whole kernels) 81.5
Dates, deglet noor 2 date, pitted 40.0
Orange Banana DHA Drink 1 full recipe 289.6

Nutritional Summary


kneecap said...

where do you read off your percentage of fat on your nutritional summary? are you still trying for <20% of calories?

Howard Veit said...

Click on the nutritional summary and look at the lower left of the display to the little pie chart. The red section of the chart is % fat consumption. Green is protein and blue is carbohydrates.

In the CRON-O-METER program I have set 20% (about 50 grams/day) as my fat intake. Currently over the last 10 days or so I have used the program I am slightly over that target.

I am experimenting with eating more starches and less nuts/seeds to keep my energy for cycling up and my fat down. I am trying to stay within 2 oz. of nuts/seeds per day in addition to 1tbsp of ground flaxseeds and 1 ml DHA Purity.

CRONO-O-METER has shown me that I can get all the essential fat I need with the DHA and flaxseeds. The nuts/seeds seem to be heart healthy, at least up to 2 oz. per day. Any more than that is probably due to cravings, not need for more fat. I love my trail mix, but am trying to limit.

The oatmeal in the morning is part of my attempt to sub starches for nuts/seeds.

kneecap said...

oh I didn't see the pie chart before because I'm using a little laptop. Your plan sounds reasonable. After you reach your target weight, you might consider just 1 more oz of nuts and seeds? I only say that because you probably weigh 50% more than me and I think therefore you should eat more nuts and seeds than me, or conversely I should eat less than 2 oz, which could also be true but I'll start with 2 oz.

Howard Veit said...

You make a good point. I am not far from my target weight. I want to get to 165-169 and am now at about 173. Once I get there, I will loosen up on the nuts/seeds. If we make this eating style too spartan, we'll have to start wearing a crown of thorns.

kneecap said...

yeah, and that would really sway people to join the club.