Saturday, March 21, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Daily Supplements
High Energy Green Smoothie version 3 (Based on EngineerGuy's high calorie smoothie, I tweaked my last version of this smoothie and substituted orange juice for pomegranate juice and added frozen kale (2 oz.) in place of romaine lettuce.)
Snack after Cycling (25 miles)
Pasta with corn, black beans and avocado
Almonds and dates
Dinner (Dinner at friends. Host made dinner very much to my liking. She and her husband are from Egypt. They were informed about my needs and cooked a wonderful meal which she said was vegan, low in fat and salt. I am just guessing at the ingredients. I might be way off on the calories and the fat.)
Glass of red wine
Hummus and Falafel
Lentil Soup
Basmati Rice
Mixed vegetables and potato in a Middle Eastern sauce
Middle Eastern eggplant dish
Mango Custard
Nutrition Detail

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