Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 Workout 74 - Bike - 32 miles MTD 573 YTD 1724

I felt like taking it easy today so I rode and smelled the roses, palm trees and salt water, to be exact. This was my standard 32 mile trip from home on Longboat Key to the end of Anna Maria Island and back. The first half of the ride was with the wind out of the east and since I was heading mostly northwest I had a partial tail wind. Coming home I was headed mostly SE so I had mostly a headwind. Anyways, speed was not my goal today so I just glided along.

Normally I stop at the end of Anna Maria for a rest, but today I just rode through the entire distance. Towards the end of the ride my feet started to ache due to pushing the pedals against the wind. There was lots of traffic as I passed through Bradenton and Holmes Beaches. This is the end of the season and the snowbirders should be heading back home soon, so the traffic should start thinning. We are driving back to Atlanta next weekend. I look forward to riding the hills and mountains around Atlanta with no wind in my face.

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