Monday, April 6, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

I visited my brother and his wife in Vero Beach over the weekend. I stuck to the program pretty well, but didn't keep a journal. On Friday morning before we left, I had a green smoothie. We went to restaurants on Friday and Saturday night. On Friday, the Italian restaurant was quite accommodating. I ordered pasta with a marinara sauce that they told me was low salt, and it tasted so. There was olive oil in it, but I asked that to be minimized and they tried to accommodate. I ordered a plain salad as an appetizer and another with the main course. On Saturday night, we went to a Greek restaurant, and they had a vegan plate containing hummus, pita bread, a rice/spinach dish, and another dish I don't remember. I ordered a traditional Greek salad without dressing, which contained fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives and peppers. It was all quite good and I gave the waitress a nice tip. We stopped at a rural restaurant on the way home and ordered a large plain salad that was very bland, but harmless.'

Daily Supplements
Howard's High Energy Green Smoothie
Snacks during and after cycling (17 miles)
Bicycle Energy Mix
Orange juice watered down in the Camelback
Red Beans and Brown Rice
Nutrition Detail

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