Friday, May 1, 2009

Workout 76 - Bike 30 miles time trial MTD 30 YTD 1820

I just returned from a business trip and wanted to push myself. I drove up the Flatwoods Wilderness Park near Tampa to do a 30 mile time trial. Also, last night I installed some Rotor Q-Rings on my P-38 and wanted to try them out.

On my way to Flatwoods, I stopped at Power On Cycling, a recumbent bike specialist, and had them check out my Q-Ring installation. Everything was fine except I overtightened and stripped some of the little bolts holding the Q-Rings on the crank spindle. Mark Powers, the owner, installed some new bolts and I was off to do my ride.

Flatwoods is an ideal place to do a time trial. It is perfectly flat. There is no traffic, and the pavement is very good. The circular recreation trail around Flatwoods is seven miles long, with a two mile ride to get to the trail. So, I did four laps of the park. I set my goal at 16.1 mph and did 16.5 mph. Even so, I was a little disappointed at my speed/time. I was slowed down somewhat by a brisk wind that was in my face or at my side for much of the ride.

Nevertheless it was an enjoyable ride and I was plenty tired at the end.

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