Thursday, March 22, 2012

Red Meat and Gout - Why Not Just Give It Up?

Frank Bruni is one of my favorite columnists. Here he shares his experience of cutting back on red meat and alcohol because of his severe gout. He cuts back, but does not eliminate. It amazes me how people who are suffering debilitating illnesses because of the rich American diet cannot just give it up. To me, good health is 1,000 time more important that the "pleasure" of any food.  Take a look at what he has to say.
Read the article here
Notice that in the article Frank shares an important insight.  We can make our diets more healthy by substituting healthier foods for the 'evil' foods.  We can do this without suffering.  And, we can actually grow to enjoy the new healthier foods.  What we learn to especially enjoy is lower body weight, better sleep, more energy, and overall better health.

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