Saturday, April 14, 2012

Serious Worldwide Problem

The issue of eating animals, including fish, will become increasingly a worldwide economic and environmental issue, in addition to a public health issue. Factory farms, including fish farms, as they are currently designed are environmental disasters. Animal waste is flowing into our water supply and animal gases into the atmosphere contributing mightily to water pollution, greenhouse gases, and global warming, not to mention diseases caused by e coli, mad cow disease, salmonella, etc. Mass producing meat consumes an enormous amount of energy (fossil fuels). As the worldwide population increases, and demand for meat and dairy increases, the problem will turn into a crisis.

Unfortunately, moving to small organic farms, locally produced meat/dairy, and grass fed meat is not the answer. See this article. Eating wild caught fish, rather than factory-farmed fish, is also not the answer because our oceans are being depleted and ecological imbalances result.

On a worldwide basis, we must find a way to reduce the demand for meat products, and find more environmental friendly and animal rights friendly ways to produce meat and dairy. My vote is to stop eating meat/dairy entirely because it is a triple threat to health, the environment and animal rights. I don't expect abstinence to be a global solution, even though it is my personal solution. Neither producing meat/dairy in currently configured factory farms, or in local organic farms are answers to a huge problem.

I don't know what the larger answer is. What I do know is that I can help by not consuming meat/dairy. I contribute a lot to my health and a tiny bit to the larger problems. Some us ride our bikes, walk, and other things in part to help save our environment. Why not double-down and give up, or at least significantly reduce, your consumption of meat/dairy?

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