Sunday, October 14, 2012

Avoiding Bike Accidents

I have been thinking a lot lately about safe cycling.  In early November, I plan on riding a Century event (100 miles) and am stepping up my training.

While I do not want to be 'paranoid' about riding in traffic, I am well aware of the dangers.  I have been studying up on cycling safety.  With many years of riding behind me, I am not a novice.  However, it never hurts to bone up on the latest intelligence about riding safely when there is traffic around.

Most of my training is done on rural roads, bike trails and in a park with relatively little traffic.  However, I do encounter traffic once in awhile.

Attached to this post is a mind map I developed with what I consider to be some of the best wisdom on riding a bike safely in traffic.  The link to this image is here.  If you follow the link you'll be able to download the mind map image and get a better view.  When clicking on the image in this post, you can enlarge it.

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