Friday, July 25, 2014

Steve Greene's Maximum Functional Longevity

One of my favorite websites is Trike Hobo's Trike Asylum.  Steve Greene, the site's founder and guru is a passionate advocate of healthy living.  His website is an inspiration to cycling adventure and good health.

Steve is an avid recumbent trike rider.  He has taken some amazing long distance adventures on his trike and believes that life is an adventure that should be experienced to the max.   His website is loaded with tales of his trike journeys those of his readers.  I hope someday to venture forth on a touring recumbent trike for a long distance journey within the U.S.

Recently, Steve posted a great article on his philosophy of Maximum Functional Longevity.  What is Maximum Functional Longevity? Steve says, "..Well, it is briefly defined in my head as living in a vital state, fully functional as a human being, for as long as my body is able....  Most of us think that our bodies are designed to become diseased and fall apart as we get older.  I have friends who excuse their poor lifestyles by saying, "Hey, we are all going to die sometimes.  Heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's Disease are inevitable consequences of getting old. Getting old is better than the alternative."  Etc. Etc.  Steve and I believe passionately that chronic illness and disability is not inevitable as we get older.  If we commit ourselves to lifelong vigorous athletic activity, in my case for example, strength training with weights and recumbent bike/trike riding, and maintain an excellent eating style like a whole foods plant-based diet we increase our odds greatly of avoiding the diseases and malfunctions of aging.  Steve's Maximum Functional Longevity article and the postings on this blog provide lots of information for the motivated reader to adopt a lifestyle that will lead to a healthy old age beyond the years that most people think is possible.
Steve touring on his recumbent trike

I have to admit that my track record of convincing people to making a life-long commitment to living like athletes and eating a whole foods plant-based diet is not good.  Steve and my formula for health living into old age is not easy for most people used to the standard American diet and lifestyle.   I will have more to say about Maximum Functional Longevity(MFL) in future posts. Steve coined the term and has written eloquently and passionately about the the concept.  I will expand upon my own journey to MFL over the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Standard American Diet has an interesting acronym:



Howard Veit said...

And SAD it is. Too bad we have such a hard time convincing folks how damaging SAD is to their health.

Eric Sluyter said...

Plant-based - mostly raw - 65 year old daily triker, here, FYI

Eric Sluyter said...

Plant-based - mostly raw - 65 year old daily triker, here, FYI