Monday, February 9, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Supplements: GentleCare Multivitamin(2), OsteoSun (vitamin D) (4), LDL Support (2), Saw Palmetto (2)

Breakfast 11:00 am

Mixed Berry Pommello Nut Smoothie (557 calories)

Lunch 3:30 pm

Lima Bean AntiCancer Soup 600 g 325.1 Calories
Bread, pita, whole-wheat 1 pita, large (6-1/2" dia) 170.2 Calories
Russian Fig Dressing 28 g 73.7 Calories

Dinner 7:00 pm

Potato Bean Soup 1 full recipe 296.3
Bread, Multi-Grain 2.5 slice regular 172.2
Jams and preserves 2.5 tbsp 139.0
Bananas, raw 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long) 105.0

Carbs - 70%
Protein - 10%
Fat - 19%

I am trying to hit targets of 2100 calories per day with no more than 20% fat. So far I am on target. I have had to cut back on my trail mix. It's amazing how much the fat percentage increases with just a little more nuts/seeds. I have found that keeping nut/seed consumption to around 2 oz. per day gives me all the Omega 3 and Omega 6 that I need. The DHA Purity and the nuts/seeds keep me just where I need to be. I don't feel deprived yet. I am taking fruit with me on the bike and leaving the trail mix home. The fruit is a good snack on the bike.


kneecap said...

Hi Howard,

you should check out Fuhrman's latest telecon and references:
He was going on about how new studies just keep showing how even greater nuts are than he previously thought, and they don't appear to use as many calories as are in them, something like that. Anyway, for someone with your activity level, 3 oz might be better. Do you really need <20% fat? where's the studies that show that if you don't eat any oils or unhealthy fats, that you have to keep the healthy fats to below 20%? :)


Howard Veit said...


I have listened to the teleconference. Very interesting.

There are two schools of thought on nuts/seeds. First, from McDougall, Esselstyne and Novick --Whereas nuts/seeds are healthy in small quantities, no research supports the health benefits of amounts greater than 2 oz. per day. All the studies showing the benefits have been on populations consumming less than 2 oz. per day. This is true even of the studies cited by Dr. Fuhrman.

Theory #2 - Joel says that no studies have demonstrated that consumming more than 2 oz. per day is harmful. These are healthy whole foods and you should eat them as much as you want, but beware of too many calories.

I just had a long exchange of emails with Jeff Novick on this topic. He defies anyone to keep a healhty weight and eat over 2 oz. per day. Now Jeff defines healthy weight as 22 BMI.

I am currently 24.5 BMI (173 pounds and 5'11".

McDougall/Novick differs with Fuhrman on this issue. Each of them interprets the research in their own way. Didn't Novick used to work with Fuhrman?

kneecap said...

interesting. I've definitely been eating too many nuts in my diet lately. I just calculated my BMI and it is 18.5. But I'm also not very muscular, even with my exercise, so tend to have a low weight-to-height ratio (5'9", 125).


Howard Veit said...


BMI of 18.5 is terrific! The healthiest longest-lived people are 18-22 BMI, if they are healthy eaters. You will outlive me by many years. I will bequeath my Blog to you to maintain after I've gone. :)

You shouldn't have trouble increasing your muscle to get up to let's say 20 BMI. Just keep doing those pushups :).

I love the nuts and seeds, but I'd like to get down to 165 too. I want my BMI to be under 24. If I went into the 150s I would lose muscle and couldn't do those 100+ Pushup sessions. :)

Hope you are enjoying Portugal!