Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Workout 36 - 27 miles

It was another mostly perfect day for riding. I rode down Longboat Key, around St. Armand's Circle, across the Ringling Bridge and into Sarasota. I needed some parts at the bike shop, which is in Sarasota, about 13.5 miles from home. They didn't have the parts I needed, but I did buy a new pair of cycling glasses to make me look more like a stud while I am riding my trike. I got some Oakley's that are hydrophobic (resist water beading in the rain) and significantly reduce the glare from the bright Florida sun. Did I need them? No, but my birthday is coming up so I splurged.

I then rode back into downtown Sarasota to another bike shop, that also did not have the parts that I need. There was quite a bit of traffic, which I rode through okay and then back across the Ringling Bridge and retraced my steps home. This was a 27 mile ride.

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