Tuesday, March 31, 2009

High Nutrition Diary - March Summary

Here is my nutrition summary for March. I feel pretty good about the results.

Avg per day:
Calories = 2363
Protein = 65.7 grams
Carbs = 442 grams
Fiber = 74 grams
Fat = 55 grams
Weight at beginning of the month = 173 (24.1 BMI)
Weight at end of month = 169 (23.6 BMI)

I targeted 50 grams per day of fat from nuts, seeds and occasionally avocados. So, I am a little over. Despite the relatively high fat %, my weight has dropped 4 lbs. I find that I can stay at a calorie intake of 2300-2800 on most days that I train on my bike. I am lower than that, on average, on days I don't train.

My goal is to reach 165 (23 BMI) by the end of April.

My bike training mileage for March was 602 miles, or an average of about 150 miles per week. I hope to get to 200 miles per week in April. With my new P-38, which is much faster and more efficient to ride, I should have no trouble reaching 800 miles in April.

With an average daily calorie intake of 2363, I feel real good on the bike. My energy is good and I haven't bonked on any rides. I take a fluid mix or water and fruit juice in my water bottle on training rides, together with a mix of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, plus some fresh fruit, usually bananas and oranges. That seems to work well. There has been some minor cramping in my feet, which may be due to my low salt intake. This is not a serious problem and I don't plan to increase salt intake.

All in all, a good month.

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