Tuesday, March 17, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Daily Supplements
EngineerGuy's High Energy Green Smoothie
(The recipe for this smoothie was posted by EngineerGuy, a nutritatian from Utah, on drfuhrman.com 'Ask the Doctor' forum. It has about 1,000 calories of nutrition-packed goodness. It took some doing to finish it, but I wasn't quite at the "overeat" threshold when I finished. Drinking this late morning, when I usually have my first meal, should allow me to go until late afternoon before having my second meal. I am going experiment with a two-meal-a-day regimen for a couple of days to see how it works.)
Bean/Pea Mixture (Adzuki beans, chickpeas, greenpeas) 1 cup
Sweet potato
Steamed Cauliflower with low salt marinara sauce
Steamed Carrots
Brazil Nuts and Almonds 1 oz. with dates
Oatmeal with wild blueberries and dates (1/2 cup rolled oats soaked in boiling water with frozen wild blueberries and dates poured over the top. Mix together. The hot oats and cold blueberries taste great together. Thanks again to EngineerGuy.)

Nutrition Detail


kneecap said...

wowsa, that's a big smoothie.

Howard Veit said...

First time I tried it yesterday. Fueled me until about 5 pm when I became hungry again. It didn't taste as good as my normal smoothie, but I am experimenting with taste.