Sunday, March 22, 2009

Workout 51 - Trike - 50 miles

Didn't intend to ride this far when I started. I headed south from my house on LBK. When I crossed the Ringling Bridge into Sarasota I decided to head north through Sarasota and find a route to Bradenton, where I would pick up Riverview PKWY back to the north end of LBK. I had a GPS attached to my trike so finding a route wasn't that difficult, although I did hit some heavy traffic in places.

This was a circle route. Went south on LBK, east in Sarasota, north to Manatee avenue and then picked up Riverview in downtown Bradenton. A very nice ride and difficult in places because there was a heavy wind in my face at times. I felt fresh and strong at the end.

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