Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Changing High Nutrition Journal Posts

Starting on Sunday, I am going to start posting my High Nutrition Journal on a weekly, rather than a daily basis. Daily posts are getting a bit tedious, and the information is getting repetitive.

So each Sunday, I will make a High Nutrition Journal post that will be hopefully an interesting and informative summary of my eating style for the week. I will include new recipes, experiences with restaurants and/or eating out in other people's homes, new discoveries in healthful eating etc. My goal will be to provide new information and reduce the amount of redundancy.

In addition, I will increase the frequency of Lifestyle Thought posts. I will continue to talk about nutrition, but will also start to venture more into issues related to sleep, exercise, relationships and other new discoveries that I make as I continue research into optimal lifestyles.

I will also gradually merge together my Training Journal blog with my Lifestyle Power blog. Training and exercise is part of the whole lifestyle package, so I want to present it all as an integrated whole.

My goal is to continue to improve the quality of the information on the blog so that others will find it a useful resource on the topic of healthful living.

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kneecap said...

This sounds like a good idea. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!