Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 Workout 85 - Bike training 50 miles MTD 269 YTD 2029

Today was one of those gorgeous days, that comes along every once in a while. The temperatures were in the high 60s with a light cool breeze for most of the day. The sun was bright and there were only a few clouds in the sky.

I drove up to White, Georgia and decided to do a relatively long ride. I started at White City Hall and rode through the countryside for 25 miles. I stopped at a beautiful church on the top of the hill near a cemetery and had the lunch that I had brought along with me, some beans and rice. I also had some trail mix that I had for dessert that was made up of oatmeal, dates, raisins, and nuts and seeds.

After the lunch break, I cycled down to Fairmont, Georgia, stopped at a convenience store and bought some water, since I was running low. I finished the 50 mile ride by winding my way through the countryside back to the White City Hall.

I chatted for a few minutes with White's police officer, who I have become acquainted with and he told me all the local criminal action that's going on. He said that his small town is really suffering economically.

This was a wonderful day of riding. I really enjoyed it.


apoorva said...

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Bill LaRocque said...

Not bad for an old codger. I remember when we used to run 10Ks in DC. You were pretty good, but always worried about making sure your shirt was tucked in.

Bill LaRocque said...

Bad link on last comment...