Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Workout 108 - Cartersville Century 97 miles MTD 702 YTD 2974

This was the second Century ride this month and my time was a bit better. I averaged 14 mph on a hilly ride from Cartersville, GA. Total time was 7:13 and ride time was 6:53.

I was the only recumbent rider in a large field of riders that probably totaled close to 400 riders. The countryside was beautiful. The first part of the ride and the last part were rolling hills and the middle part was more hilly with more steep climbs. Total climbing was about 5800 feet. I felt strong all the way, but the heat hit close to 100 degrees at about noon, so I had to tough it out in very hot weather for the last 3 hours or so.

Great ride. I really enjoyed it.

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