Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Workout 96 - West Georgia 100 98 miles MTD 206 YTD 2488

A friend and I drove to Carrollton, GA and did the West Georgia 100. It was an unusual ride in that my buddy has two flat tires and another tire delay that added up to about 1.5 hours in time off the ride. We used up my spare tubes and most of my CO2 cartridges in the repairs. We got some support help from the SAG wagon, but mostly fended for ourselves. We set out unsure whether we would do the metric (62.5 miles) or the full century (100 miles). Given the lack of spare tubes and CO2 cartridges, we opted to head back to the start, and my truck, and ended up with 71 miles because we took a wrong turn.

Once back at the truck, we filled our water bottles, got something to eat, restocked on tubes and CO2 and decided to head back out to do the courses marked 25 miles loop. So we ended up doing pretty much the full Century anyways, even though the ride was a bit unorthodox. Our time was not all that fast, 7:07 riding time and probably 7:30 for the full Century total time (not counting the repair time). Despite the interruptions, it was a fun ride, beautiful weather and we both handled the distance and the hills well.

The organizers of the ride said it was a rolling hills terrain. That is was, plus lots of fairly steep, but short climbs that took lots of effort. All in all the 100 miles had about 6500 feet of climbing, which is moderately difficult.

The sag support was minimal and the rest stops were marginal, but all in all the ride was fun and I would do it again next year.

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