Sunday, July 30, 2017

Took steps to feel much better this morning

I think I may have a formula to allow me to feel better in the morning after I wake up.

For some time now, I have been feeling nauseous with irritated sinuses upon waking in the morning.  I have tried different approaches to improve the way I feel both physically and mentally upon waking, but haven't stuck to anything consistently.  

I may have found a morning feel good formula worth pursuing.  

The steps described in this post are not new.  I have tried all of this before. However, I tend not to stay consistent in my practices. 

Last night I did not eat for three hours before going to bed. I drank plenty of water before retiring.  As usual, I kept a water bottle next to the bed in addition to saline nasal spray. I woke up three or four times to use the bathroom, and each time I drink some water and used the nasal spray. The price I pay for staying well hydrated is that I will wake more often.
When I woke around 7:45 AM, I felt, although not ideal, much better than normal. My wife told me that her gastroenterologist had advised taking a couple times before going to bed to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux while sleeping. So, when I woke up in the morning I took a couple of Tums and indeed my stomach began to feel a bit better. So, based on last night I think the formula may be:
  1. Do not eat for three hours before going to bed
  2. Drink plenty of water before going to bed
  3. Drink some water each time I wake during the night, usually 2-3 times.
  4. Use the nasal spray often during the night to keep my sinuses moist.
  5. Take a couple of Tums upon waking, and possibly consider Tums before going to bed.
Not eating for three hours before bedtime empties my stomach while I sleep and I believe, prevents acid reflux during the night.  This is not a serious problem for me, but there is enough reflux to cause some discomfort in the morning.  

Staying well hydrated overnight is also a good strategy. Although it may mean I get up more often during the night to use the bathroom, the net results on how I feel are positive. 

The saline nasal spray keeps my sinuses moist and I believe relieves at least some of the post nasal drip that occurs during the night.  The post nasal drip seems to irritate my throat and stomach, causing considerable discomfort when I wake.  

I will keep employing the five steps listed above and see whether, over time, I can consistently feel much better upon waking in the morning.

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