Friday, January 16, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

This is the second day of my trip. Today went quite well. I did not have to compromise (much) at all on my eating. Stopping at the grocery store yesterday and stocking up helped alot.

In my hotel room I had:
Large salad (undressed) with raw veggies and a banana
A little bland, but not bad

At my client's home I had:
Large salad with raw walnuts and almonds and dried blueberries
Veggie salad with just a little bit of oil in it.
Whole wheat and seed crackers

He didn't say, and I didn't ask, but I think he put this lunch together in my honor.


Raw trail mix and a banana while driving to the airport

The airport security crew confiscated my canned beans and corn and my bottle of mouthwash. I know beans can be explosive, but I didn't think they were a domestic security threat.

Dinner 2
I had this after arriving home.

A bowl of split pea soup with carrots and celery(homemade)
1 ww pita, warmed dipped in Russian Fig dressing


kneecap said...

interesting about the canned beans. if you put them in a plastic container, you probalby could have got them through. I bring meals in plastic bowls all the time.

Howard Veit said...

Great idea...that is what I'll do next time.