Wednesday, January 21, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Large bowl of Banana/Date Oatmeal
1 cup organic oatmeal
1 medium banana
4 dates
2 oz organic baby spinach
1/2 tsp of cinammon
1 dash of nutmeg
1.5 cups of water with a little cranberry juice added to taste

Slice banana and line bottom of bowl with the slices
add chopped dates to bottom of the bowl
Add oatmeal to the bowl
Add spinach
Add water/cranberry juice
Mix with a spoon
Put in microwave for 3-4 minutes

This is a big portion of oatmeal, probably enough for two, so cut recipe in half for a normal appetite.

Green Smoothie
1 slice of fresh pineapple
1 medium banana
1/4 Pomello
1 ml of DHA Purity
1 TBSP ground flaxseeds
5 oz organic baby spinach
Blend in Vitamix until smooth and creamy

Mixed vegetables over brown rice
Raw trail mix

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