Sunday, January 4, 2009

High Nutrition Food Diary - January 4, 2009

Breakfast (10:30am)

I had to move quickly this morning because I slept late and was scheduled to go with Kelli to a memorial service at the Temple.

Green Smoothie
1/2 cup pomegranite juice
1 medium banana
1/2 fresh pear
4 dates
1 ml of DNA Purity
1 TBSP ground flax seeds
1 cup mixed frozen berries
5 oz organic mixed salad greens
3 ice cubes

Blend juice, banana, flax seeds, DNA Purity and pear until smooth. Add frozen fruit and blend until smooth. Gradually add spinach until smooth and creamy. Prep time 5-10 minutes.


Fresh fruit

Lunch (3:45 pm 5 hours 15 mins. after breakfast)

Split pea soup with carrots and celery (no salt) (added VegiZest)
Salad with 3 oz baby spinach topped with canned mixed veggies (low salt)
handful of trail mix

Dinner (7:00 pm 3 hours 15 minutes after lunch....too soon I wasn't hungry)

We went to a Japanese buffet restaurant

veggie sushi with a little wasabi
steamed asparagus
seaweed salad
edaname (no salt)

This restaurant has plenty of options that are nutritarian friendly. Some of the sushi has brown rice.


kneecap said...

how was your morning smoothie? I notice it didn't have any dates in it.

Howard Veit said...

Oops! I put 4 dates in. I'll edit the post. These smoothies taste okay without the dates, but better with.

I ordered a Vitamix Delux today. Do you have one?