Friday, January 23, 2009

Workout 11 Trike Training - 41 miles

Today is my first full day in Florida. We plan on staying here until the first week in May and I am going to use the opportunity of the good weather to begin my serious training to return to distance cycling. It was in the mid-20s when I left Atlanta yesterday and it is a bit chilly here also. But those living in the northern climates will not feel sorry for me when I have to take my rides in the mid-50s and 60s. My plan today is to about 40 miles and then later on the day I need to lay out my training plan for the next three months. I'll be working on core and upper body strength in addition to building up my endurance on the trike. I will be including pictures taken during my training to keep the journal interesting and to provide some history of where I was riding. I am looking forward to this adventure. Since recovering from my hip fracture, I have been reluctant to return to distance training. I feel good about getting started again.

It was a beautiful, if a bit cool day. I did a 41 mile ride with a lunch break at mile 23. My route was one and a half laps of Longboat key Florida. One complete spin around Longboat key is 23 1/2 miles. I completed one loop, had lunch, and then went back out and did another 18 miles or so. I haven't been by training for several weeks and my legs certainly felt it. Towards the end of my 41 miles my left leg began to feel the strain a bit. I think I still may be overcompensating on the left side in response to my injured right leg. All in all it was a beautiful ride and I am looking forward to many weeks of training ahead.


kneecap said...

I am soooooooooo jealous.

Howard Veit said...

Yeh, it's pretty nice here.