Thursday, January 29, 2009

Workout 16 - Trike Training - 38 miles

I rode the first 14 miles with my neighbor and then headed off on my own. The weather was mild, a little cooler and windy. The ride was through St. Armand's Circle to South Lido Park and then back to LBK, where I did another full lap. The traffic seemed a little heavier today, but fortunately there is a bike lane for practically the entire route. Nice ride.


kneecap said...

Wow, is that peaccocks? Where were those?

Howard Veit said...

Yeh, I rode to the north end of Longboat Key to a quaint section of the Key. As I was riding through the neighborhood two peacocks came walking towards me. I have never seen such bright colors on animals. They stood there quietly as I took their pictures. I consider this happening as a good omen!