Saturday, February 7, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Based upon the advice of Jeff Novick, Nutritionist, I have decided to keep an analysis of my eating style for the next month or so. I downloaded Chron-O-Meter from here. It is an easy to use nutrition analysis software program and it is free. Jeff says that it has the most complete database of foods and analytic capabilities. Today was the first day I have used it and you will see the analysis of today's food below. Just click on the image. I seem to be fine in all the essential vitamins and minerals, except vitamin D and B12, which I get from my supplements GentleCare and OsteoSun. I have been taking the supplements for several months, but haven't been listing in the blog. I found this exercise to be interesting.

Breakfast 10:30 am

Supplements: OsteoSun(4), GentleCare(2), Saw Palmetto (2), LDL Protect (2)

Mixed Berry Orange/Pineapple Smoothie

Fresh pineapple
Small orange
Frozen mixed berries
Organic baby spinach
1 tbsp flax seeds ground
1 ml DHA purity
5 dates (120 calories)

Lunch 3:30 pm

Bowl of Fuhrman AntiCancer Soup
Raw Trail mix

Dinner 8:00 pm

Ate at an Indian restaurant with friends

Chickpeas in a pomegranite sauce over rice (I asked for no oil or butter, but it came with some oil, so I added 1 tbsp vegetable oil to the analysis.)


(Click on the image below for analysis)

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