Sunday, February 22, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Sunday Weighin (173 24.1 BMI)

Everything went well today, until we went for an unplanned dinner at a Greek restaurant. The meal was great, but I ordered pita bread with hummus and a traditional Greek salad. The hummus KO'd my fat intake for the day. It is loaded with olive oil. I love hummus. Oh well.

Daily Supplements: GentleCare Multivitamin(2), OsteoSun (vitamin D) (4, 2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch), LDL Support (2), Saw Palmetto (2)


Mixed Berry Smoothie
Raw Trail Mix


Lima Bean AntiCancer Soup 325.1
Carrots, baby, raw 28.0
Cauliflower, raw 9.8
Russian Fig Dressing 44.7
Raw Trail Mix (1 ounce) 173.6


Traditional Greek Salad 106
Pita bread (white) 165
Bread, italian 1 slice, 54.2
Hummus 0.5 cup 217.7
Multi Fruit Sorbet 0.5 full recipe 187.7

Nutrition Summary
Nutrition Detail


kneecap said...

26% fat isn't too bad for a bad day, though it's not all healthy fats.

I notice you take 4 osteo-sun. Why is that? I thought recommendation is 2.

Howard Veit said...


I have the vegan version and directions say take 4....2x2 times per day with meals. Maybe the nonvegan version is 2/day.

kneecap said...

oh, I should read the instructions! I think I had the non-vegan at one time but have the vegan now...