Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekly Nutrition Totals

For the week, I was pretty much on target. I targeted a max of 2500 calories per day, which I think is okay given my activity level. My fat intake slightly exceeded my goal of 50 grams per day or 21 % of total calories. I am a little concerned that this may be too high to maintain my weight, but Dr. Fuhrman says fat % is not important as long as you are not gaining weight and the fat is from whole food natural sources. Just about all the fat I eat is from nuts, seeds and a little from avocados.

Salt intake was on target at about 1000 mg per day. I don't want to go above that level. Practically all is from natural foods. Almost no added salt.

February 8 - February 14


kneecap said...

HI Howard,

What program do you use to track your nutrition intake? And does it work on a mac? I have been tempted to do this but it seems like it would be time consuming and I already spend too much time on blogging etc.


Howard Veit said...


I use CRON-o-meter. You can download using the link on the right of my homepage - favorite websites. It is definitely time-consuming.