Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Workout 39 - 24 miles

I was pressed for time today, but was able to do a 24 miles ride around Longboat Key. Weather was cool and windy. I am still experimenting with on bike snacks. Today I took two small sweet potatoes, 3 oz. of trail mix and a banana. The sweet potato was a bit heavy for eating on the bike. The trail mix has dried fruit, nuts/seeds. The nuts/seeds are about 1 oz. of the total mixture.


kneecap said...

Also, raw sweet potatoes aren't as starchy as cooked, I think. so maybe not as many carbs?

Howard Veit said...

Mine were cooked. I "stole" them from Sweet Tomatoes, a salad bar restaurant in Sarasota. I ate my typical salad and then stuffed three cooked sweet potatoes in aluminum foil in my pocket. I carried them on the bike. I found it hard to swallow the cooked sweet potatoes while riding, or even while stopped. Maybe I need more practice.