Friday, March 27, 2009

Workout 54 - 50 miles bike training

This was the first day on my new Lightning P-38. I spent most of yesterday unpacking and setting it up. The bike shop I purchased it from (used) left out one of the components, so I had to go to a local bike shop to replace the part.

I did two 25 miles rides. This morning I rode from my home on LBK to a bike dealer in Sarasota to have the derailleurs adjusted. I rode home and had breakfast. After doing some more work on the bike, I headed out again for another 25 miles. During both rides it was very windy and the riding was difficult. Nevertheless, I am MUCH faster on the P-38 compared to my trike, probably 3-5 mph faster. I may make the P-38 my primary training bike as I prepare for some upcoming Century rides. My mileage is starting to pick up and I feel good.

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