Tuesday, April 14, 2009

High Nutrition Diary

Daily Supplements

Breakfast (10 - 11 am)
Frozen Greens and Fruit Smoothie (2 oranges, 1/2 cup fresh orange juice, 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries, 5 dates, frozen banana, DHA Purity, 2 TBSP ground flax seeds, 5 oz. baby carrots, 5 oz. frozen baby spinach, 3 oz. frozen kale)

Dinner (4 pm-8:00 pm)
Rice and beans (steamed brown rice with black and white beans and salsa)
Large salad (romaine, baby carrots, salsa, black beans, steamed asparagus)
Large sweet potato
Dates and Almonds (dessert)

Nutrition detail

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