Saturday, April 11, 2009

Workout 63 - Bike - 40 miles

Did 2 timed laps of LBK. My timed route around the Key is 18.5 miles and I did 2 laps. My average speed was 17.6 for 37 miles. I maintained the same average speed for both laps. Total time was about 2:07. With the 1.5 mile warm up and warm down the ride was about 40 miles. I felt really strong today. I don't recall all my times for this route, but this may have been my fastest in many years. The winds were light and the weather was beautiful, in the low 70s and sunny, although it was more like 80 at the end.

During part of the ride I was passed by a pelaton of 3 riders who were really moving along. I stayed with them for about 4 miles and then they dropped me.

Starting today I am keeping a log of my training rides using a Garmin 605 bike GPS computer. I upload the ride data to and then make the data viewable here. To view today's ride map and data click here.

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