Saturday, April 18, 2009

Workout 69 - bike - 31 miles

Today was beautiful with a light wind and clear skies. Temps were in the 70's. I rode from home to the end of Anna Maria Island and back. See the attached map. My total time was 2 hours covering a distance of 31.18 miles. My speed would have been much faster except for the traffic around Bradenton Beach that I went through going and coming. There was also quite a bit of traffic in Anna Maria and it was slow going crossing the bridge. Nevertheless, a great ride.


kneecap said...

nice pace even with the traffic. You can probably guess that I'm slow, even slower now that I've got interested in bird watching.

Howard Veit said...

Mostly I don't worry about speed, but I have a new bike. For the first several rides I'll be pushing to see how fast I am on it. Then I'll mostly smell the roses.