Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 Workout 71 - Bike Training - 40 miles - MTD - 480 miles - YTD - 1631 miles

Today was nice day with temps in the 70s, but with a brisk wind in my fact during half the ride. I set my Garmin 605 for 40 mile ride at a 16mph pace and just beat that pace coming in at just under 2:30 for the 40 mile ride. The ride north on LBK was hard with a 10-15 mph wind in my face, but the ride south was fast with a tailwind. I am getting stronger and the bike is getting more comfortable the more I ride it. Good workout.


kneecap said...

cool GPS graphics.

David said...


How are you feeling about the tweener bars on the P-38 now that you have some miles under your belt on it? I am looking at a used P-38 today to maybe purchase and that is the first mod I am considering. I had a P-38 recently that I sold and regretted selling so I am trying to undo my mistake. I was not crazy about the stock bars on the P-38 so I am looking at the Bachetta bars as a possible replacement. Thanks.